How to Stop Procrastinating in 5 Simple Steps

Today, you’ll discover how to stop procrastinating as a student.

Procrastination has been found to be one of the greatest threats in study life of students.  A good look into the bad performance of most students will show that they were victims of this academics killer disease called procrastination.

A study on procrastination reveals that about 75% of students see themselves as procrastinators and some of them use it as an excuse for their bad performance in exams.

Procrastination is like an addiction, easy to start but could be difficult to stop, in some cases, you will find no wrong in it because it will give you reasons not to until it cost you a significant damage.

Procrastination is a deadly killer of time, consistency and efficiency. If not dealt with on time, it will spread in every aspect of your life and not just your study life.

So here we will be providing solutions to this monster time killer.

How to Stop Procrastinating

See these 5 steps to deal with procrastination as a student.

1. Forgive Yourself

Self-condemnation will do you no good, yes!

You may have been procrastinating in the past, but the question is, do you want to stop it?

If your answer is yes, then forget about all that it has cost you in the past instead forgive yourself and fuel your desire not to procrastinate anymore using the damages of the past.

Focus more on how to stop it than what it has cost you in the past.

2. Study in a Procrastinating Free Environment

Have you ever tried to study having your cell phone close to you?

There is every tendency that you will either receive a call or text message, in our world of social media, there are over 100% chances of you being distracted.

So it is very advisable not to have your cell phone within your study environment. A study has shown that the mere presence of a cell phone could be a distraction during studying.

Distraction can also come as friends, the type of friends that will make you compromise your study time.

It could also be your TV that serves as a distraction. You might be tempted to switch it on and watch a show or sports game.

Your environment is the primary means of knowing if you will procrastinate or not, so for you to deal with procrastination, avoid procrastinating prone environment.

3. Split the Hard Topics and Study Them First

Reading/studying an uninteresting book or a book of large volume can be so stressful and boring which can easily result in procrastinating.

The best approach for such a situation is to spilt the book into smaller sub-topic and study them first. Splitting it into sub-topic will enable you to see it less cumbersome and also help in understanding.

When the brain is less stressed, it picks information easily than when it is overworked.

So studying those uninteresting books first after splitting it sub-topics will help to aid your understanding, retentiveness and most especially prevent procrastination.

4. Set A Difficult Deadline And Be Accountable To Someone

The very thought that you have a limited time to execute a task and also accountable to someone will make you want to be as fast as possible, efficient and of course, giving no room for procrastination.

It is advisable to be accountable to someone you respect a lot, someone you won’t want to disappoint, and someone you see as a mentor.

Giving yourself some penalty for not accomplishing the task at the stipulated time will also help you in dealing with procrastination.

5. Work with a Study Group

A study group is an excellent weapon in combating procrastination.

Having a group of friends who come together for study purposes, sharing the same ideas could go a long way in helping you deal with procrastination.

Study group helps you get motivated, stick to time, achieve greatly within a limited time and give you an overall healthy study life.

Have you ever suffered from procrastination?

Where you able to overcome it?

How did you deal with it?

I’ll love to read your comments.

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