7 Things You Should Do on Your First Day at University

Congratulations on completing high school and getting admitted into college. Now you are probably anxious about your first day at university.

Before commencing your classes in college, you need to do a bit of preparation for the best college experience.

One thing you should understand is that classes in the university/college will be different from that of high school.

Also, in college you are independent. You have to take responsibility for your academic pursuits; there isn’t going to be anyone to push you around to get things done.

first day at university


Here are 7 things you should do on your first day at School

1. Wake Up Early

Go to bed before midnight, know the time of your first class and set your alarm to wake you up at least two hours early. This will help you avoid preparing in haste.

Make sure you leave for campus 30-60mins earlier; this will give you some time to scope out the room, land a good seat and get your materials together, so you are fully prepared and not distracted when the class starts.

2. Have a Clear Mind

I know a whole lot must be going through your mind, the expectations, anxiety, and confusion, but for you to have a good day on your first day on campus, you must clear your mind.

Think about those things that make you smile and let your mind dwell more in them; it will help to ease the anxiety.

3. Make a timetable

Create your timetable in correlation with the school time table. Write down the things you want to achieve for the day in your schedule and try as much as you can to complete the tasks listed daily.

4. Check your school bag

Make sure you have every necessary thing you need for the day in your bag before leaving. You can significantly achieve this by working with your timetable.

5. Appear Simple

You are going for a lecture, not a party or a fashion show. So let what you put on don’t attract so much attention. Appear decent and simple.

6. Fix your eyes on the lecturer

Some students sweep the entire class with their eyes, searching for the unknown and found nothing but lost mind. You probably won’t be tested on anything you learn the first day.

Some professors merely use the first class as a way to pique their students’ interests. The first day is your professor’s first impression of you. So fix your eyes on him and make notes while he speaks.

7. Be Open to Make New Friends

Like the old saying “A tree does not make a forest” be open to making new friends, have a little chat them, ask questions, provide answers to theirs, and if the conversation was good enough, you could exchange mobile contacts.

Read people by the way they appear and the words they produce, if they are not the kind of people you want, if their college goals aren’t in line with yours,  do not go into a deep conversation with them.

Only hang out with friends with similar interest so as to avoid bad influence.

Wear a glowing smile, remember it is also your first impression to everyone on campus, so be friendly and free.

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